8 ways people find me

This could be about all of my social networking names. It’s not. It’s about search terms that people have used to end up at this blog. These aren’t all of the phrases, but they are either the most recent or most frequent. (And I left out the ones that relate to the title of the blog or my name).

I kind of like the list. It is quirky and eclectic and most have some element of being helpful. That was a good thing.

1. Perfect pencil

2. I am socially inept

3. Jesus went to parties (also Jesus helped people)

4. How to encourage a friend

5. How to make yourself angry

6. Deliberate practice (though now I have a page for deliberate practice)

7. Shiphrah and Puah

8. Social media church

So, how do people find you?

social media chaplain business card


5 responses to “8 ways people find me

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  2. Not sure what these say about me:

    – sk-8135 (dell multimedia keyboard)
    – how to shoot like ray allen
    – nba haircuts
    – obama smoking
    – christmas linebacker
    – launchy google desktop
    – posterize in fireworks
    – annoying public figures

  3. hmmm. I don’t know. They are interesting things for people to ask, though.

  4. If that isn’t your actual business card, it should be.

    Out of the last 250-ish search terms, 150+ are related to my contigo extreme mug (or the starbucks version).

    After that, it is mostly productivity and paper geekery. One that stood out was this search…

    “i thought christmas was about stress and hostility and handcuffs and maranda rights”

  5. I do not know how to find this out? so I can not tell you. But Jannie Funster’s blog gets some startling hits from people looking Some are very funny