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We aren’t sitting in the same room at the same time. However, I do have a cup of coffee as I write this…and I would offer you one, too.

social media chaplainPeople talk to chaplains when they are at decision points or crisis points or just need an ear. I decided one day that I’m a social media chaplain, available to social media people. Not that I can’t talk to anyone else, mind you, but just as a police chaplain or a military chaplain has an understanding of those challenges, I understand a bit about social media. Recently, I talked with Frank Reed about what it means to me to be a social media chaplain.

I’m out of my office right now, but I can offer you some of the things I have said to other people over the past few years. Maybe you can find something helpful here.

And if I can help you more, send me a note at jnswanson [at] gmail [dot] com.



(I write 300 words almost every day about following Jesus. My desire is to use normal language. You can see what you think.



Life balance

  • 8 Ways to look at 6 months – A worksheet for realizing that you have in fact accomplished something
  • Moving too fast – I got stopped twice in two days. I learned a bit about slowing down.
  • Just decide – Sometimes you just need some help to know what you are thinking.

On generations

On Social Media and Church

On Prayer




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