8 ways to make yourself angry

I was reading some list posts and thought, “I can handle that.” But I wasn’t sure what I knew about that anyone cared to know. However, I’m pretty sure that most people will find at least a couple of these helpful.

1. Decide that you are right, no matter what.
2. Establish unreasonable expectations for decorum for a two-year-old at Applebee’s.
3. Avoid sleeping.
4. Believe that you have saved the lives of all these ungrateful people.
5. Invent/create/develop a product/program/process/podcast that will save the planet/souls/time/sanity and believe that its value is self-evident.
6. Expect people and places to not change, and refuse to acknowledge that you have changed.
7. Believe that life is pointless, and then start caring.
8. Hit your thumb with a hammer…when you knew when you started that you should use screws.


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11 responses to “8 ways to make yourself angry

  1. Jon, I once had a wise friend tell me, “Chris you gotta decide. Do you want to be right? Or do you want to have friends?”

    Totally changed my way of relating to folks. I never realized how mutually exclusive those two ideas were.

    Now I give myself permission to be wrong. If others disagree with me, it’s OK. I don’t bother to “prove” how right I am.

    Funny. More people like being around me than ever before. And I’m happier to boot. :)

    Great post.

  2. The hammer one was you, wasn’t it?

  3. oh yeah, I shoulda also put in here…that last night i was rearranging furniture and wall stuff (to avoid being destructive as was my wont…and) and I moved the entry mirror you made for me in 1999…I love that mirror…thanks again for making it for me.

  4. I love you. I don’t say it enough. You’re astounding. Thanks for making my world top shelf.

  5. Chris Cree – That’s a very wise friend. And you are pretty tweet.

    Well, lil sis, it’s probably me both metaphorically and literally. At least once.

    And, mr Brogan, the feeling is mutual.

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