8 ways Jesus helped people learn

I was talking about teaching tonight. So I thought I’d pass on this list.

1.  Told them how to do what they already knew how to do. (A bunch of his followers were fishermen. So when he told them to throw their nets on the other side of the boat, they are thinking, “Um, you preach. We fish.” Of course, he was right.)

2. Called them satan.(Okay, just one of them,  but still, not very affirming.)

3. Made them leave home for three years and live off from scholarships from wealthy women. (Really. Look it up.)

4. Told them stories that they couldn’t figure out.  (And they were getting the translation)

5. Got them into trouble with the people they had been trained to respect. (Yep. The pharisees.  They were the religious leaders. He was a trouble maker.)

6. Sent someone on an internship with a traitor. (All the disciples went out in pairs. So somebody ended up with Judas.)

7. Didn’t give them outlines. (It would have been so much easier. Outlines in three ring binders and powerpoint and the DVD series. Instead, he just spent three years talking with them…every waking moment.)

8. Wasted months between big events. (There are months that we just don’t know about during those three years. And he could have had some great campaigns or something. Instead, he just kept talking and walking and teaching and laughing with these 12 guys.)

Lots of how he did training makes little sense to us. But somehow, it clicked.


10 responses to “8 ways Jesus helped people learn

  1. Do you think what made all the difference was that He was with them?

  2. Great Post!
    One of my favorite’s is O ye of little faith!

  3. Jack Repenning

    Well, He must have been a good teacher, since one of his star pupils learned to “win friends and influence people” by accusing them of murder: “This Jesus, whom you crucified …” Somehow, it all seems to work, though: “about three thousand were added to their number that day.” Weird, huh?

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  5. Would we sit still long enough for this kind of teaching today? Most of us get uncomfortable when the weekly sermon goes over the half hour mark.

    Just found your block (from Chris Brogan’s tweet) and I like what I’ve seen so far.


  6. Bill –
    that may be a comment on our preaching than on the willingness of the audience to learn.

    And, I’m guessing that someone interested in, say, golf, would take the time for this kind of training and study and interaction. 🙂

  7. I like how he gave them challenges that seemed impossible:
    – Here is some bread and fish – you feed them
    – Step on the water and come to me

    Good post.

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