Looking under the sink.

closeup of shut-off valve

This is a shut-off valve. It is under the kitchen sink at my parents’ condo.  I looked at it Friday morning. I was trying to decide whether to fix the kitchen faucet.

Fixing the faucet depended on turning off this valve. Because the valve is so badly damaged from previous attempts to turn it with a wrench, I decided to let a plumber replace it.

Why do I show you this picture?

  • Because I used a Kodak Zi8 in closeup mode to take this picture so I could see the problem better and so I could show my dad.
  • Because I think about taking pictures differently now than I used to.
  • Because using pictures to illustrate posts and to show people what is going on around me that happens through flickr and twitpic has changed how I think about using a camera.
  • Because sometimes social media tools may just help someone see under the sink, a place they can’t see anymore.

Sometimes for just one person in the same room. Sometimes for you.

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