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Sue Murphy wrote today about adding video to our online presence. She deals well with the concerns that it’s too expensive, that it’s too technical and that we don’t like how we look.

She’s right. I realized over the last month that while there is a place for complicated productions, there is also a place for simple pieces that give your readers a sense of your tone of voice, the places you smile, the meaning of your inflection.

This video took some thinking and three takes, but it gives a sense of one way to use video. Thanks Sue.

Sue, of course, wrote the (a) ebook on video: Creating Amazing Video.

6 responses to “on using video

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Jon. You put my words into action, I love it when that happens! And your video looks and sounds terrific. I hope you do many, many more!

    (Hmm. Maybe I should take my own advice and start doing more video posts too, eh?)


  2. Oh Jon, this is wonderful… you answer so many questions, and I like the point about context for content… but mainly it proves what a difference it makes to be able to hear your voice and see your smile.

    Food for thought.

    I will be sharing this, thanks, and checking out the resources too

  3. yes, i think you should.

  4. JON! Wow, I had no idea that is how you sounded. I’ve been reading your blog for… I think almost a year now, and your words have always been narrated by my own voice in my head. It really is SO cool to hear, well, exactly what you said – tone, inflection and voice.

    Thanks so much, that was a lot of fun!

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