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a quiet placeI write all the time. I think I write reasonably well.

So when I read that Chris Brogan was offering weekly emails with blogging topics, I was glad for other people, but I wasn’t sure I was interested.

Then, the other day, Chris gave us all a sample of one of those emails. I sent him a message telling him that it was a waste of time because rather than being able to bounce from twitter to facebook to email to twitter, I found myself writing. I wrote a post to the people who read about how I think about them while writing. I wrote two more posts that build on that one. I started looking at a series of posts for the month of February.

Chris talks, for example, about a post about problems:

Should Something Ever Go Wrong – Imagine giving your customers or readers or friends a post where you explain ahead of time how you wish they’d handle a break from your typical promised experience. … Giving your audience a strong understanding on how to deal with what to do when things don’t go as planned is a powerful opportunity to build a relationship before you need it.

I read that and thought, “What if I wrote about what happens when you run into hypocrites in church? About what happens when the Bible doesn’t make sense? About what happens when prayer doesn’t work?”

I mean, those are the kinds of things people ask me about and yet I haven’t clearly written about them.

And I never would have thought about that series without Chris’ prompts.

The early people to talk about rhetoric, persuasive discourse, talked about the five canons of rhetoric: invention, arrangement, style, memory, and delivery. The first was about finding ideas, about finding new ways to talk about what you already know.

I always skipped over invention.  I never knew what I was missing.

His emails are available by subscription. But try the free one. See if it helps.

It helped me.

5 responses to “help with writing

  1. So, the big question – did you subscribe?

  2. This is awesome. It gets my mind more communicative and open. Chris posted today about Hootsuite and what things people think would be cool as additions onto the program, and then he said “cool to think about eh?” It is cool to expand the typical capacity of thought about these things. Great post.

  3. I have. For a month. That should keep me writing for decades, if they are like this one.

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  5. I find it a bit odd that we need someone else to tell us what we need to say most, but I guess we can always use some external perspectives to help get us going…