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take a break, would you?

It happened again. I got a big project done. Not big by most standards, but it’s the test of a communication project for work. If it works, it will help us. And it was on my “by the end of the month” list and it was at the top of my “get it done today” list.

And at the end of a long day I hit send on the email.

And I walked down the hall.

And I walked back toward my office and thought, “what will be in the next edition?”

No break, no rest, no celebration. Just on to the next one.

And even when I stopped that train, I started thinking about the posts I could be writing tonight. Or the other things on the list. Or….

I understand all the work we have to get done. I understand that you have way more than I do. I understand that you have so much to get done before ____.

But you know, when we get stuff done, we need to be glad, to be relieved, to take more than a minute.

So I’m going to hit publish and go sing. And later? Make some tea. Or some other ritual.

Because we need breaks, too.