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pirate cabbie

Collin mixes and matches. He pulls from this imaginative pile and that. An eyepatch from one play pile and a hat from another work perfectly well as he perches on the sofa next to his cousin Andrew.

Collin is particular at times, of course, as is true of any 6-year-old. But on this night, to be with family, to be with Andrew, to be watching one last Christmas celebration, he grabbed the costume pieces that were close and played.

We laughed and moved on with the evening. As I look back, however, I think that Collin had a profound insight: just play.

We worry mightily about having things just right. We worry about what everyone will think. We worry that we will say the right thing, that we will smile at the right time and at the right story.

And I think, on this last Sunday evening of the old year, that there is a place for pirate cabbies, for things that don’t match…

for being 6.