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1. If you stopped by here last Friday, you know that I wrote about sitting in a college orientation session. I wrote about it from a different perspective today at gnmparents.com. Here’s a sample:

College won’t start for six months or so, but I’m still feeling a little melancholy. The speaker is talking about an essay that the students read, an essay that Hope and I talked about. I had told her that the core of the essay was about motivation, about extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. She wondered what that was. I explained it, using an example she wasn’t happy about but which worked.

Suddenly, the speaker says it: “Extrinsic motivation.” The face I’m watching in profile, the face I have watched for 17 years, turns and looks right at me and smiles.

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2. If you stopped by here last Saturday, you know that I wrote about preparing to preach on Sunday. Here’s a link to an audiofile of that message. As I told (warned?) someone in a text, it was around communion so it’s the heart of ‘Christian religion’. tho my look is different.”

3. If you only read in a reader, you may not know that I’m writing every day at 300wordsaday.com. It’s a daily look at what following Jesus involves, looking mostly at what we read in the book of Matthew. And it is only 300 words a day.

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