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8 ways to make a disciple.

A disciple is a person who chooses to allow the life and teaching of someone to shape his/her own life. There can be an invitation from the teacher or a request from the disciple. (Apprentice is one of our best other words for this, a person working with a master.)

coffee cupMaybe you want to help other people take your business and replicate it. Maybe you want to help other people understand how to be an entrepreneur like you, like you learned from someone else. Maybe you want to help people understand more about following Jesus.

You can’t do this with everyone in your life. It takes too much time to explain how all the time (See How: the missing piece in training.) However, there are a handful of people that you want to do everything possible to help grow.

Here are 8 simple ways to make a disciple.

1. Invite people who you see have potential, whether they see it or not.

2. Spend lots of time together in a very small group out of the spotlight.

3. Let them see the cracks in your life.

4. Let them know the pain and struggles that comes from being like you.

5. Show them the infrastructure behind the scenes.

6. Trust them with your identity.

7. Trust them with their project.

8. Bless them.

(Actually, there is only one way. Show them your life.)

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train for the not yet crisis

In the middle of a crisis is when you realize that you can’t do everything yourself. In the middle of the crisis is when you understand how wonderful it would be to have someone who knew how to run this piece of equipment. In the middle of the crisis is when you wish you had someone who understood your heart.

Right now, you might be in a crisis. (I am sorry. Let me know if/how I can help.)

However, some of you are between crises, waiting for the not yet crisis to become one. Now is the time to have the wisdom that usually comes in the middle of the crisis, the wisdom that allows you to do something now that will help then.

While you are waiting for the not yet crisis, write some instructions. Explain one thing that you do. Describe one process. Document one set of passwords. (look at the comments from yesterday for help)

While you are waiting for the not yet crisis, show someone else where the shutoff button is, where the extra cords are, where that tool is stored. Even if you have to take a field trip in the middle of a conversation. Even if it is showing your kids where to turn off the water to the house.

While you are waiting for the not yet crisis, build or rebuild relationships.

While you are waiting for the not yet crisis, ask your child what they will do when–not if–they have an accident. And then listen to the answer and explain what to actually do. One simple first step.

While you are waiting for the not yet crisis, teach the values, practice the routines, create the habits.

While you are waiting for the not yet crisis, share your heart. Help the people around you understand the WHY of what you do, of what your organization or team or ministry is about. Show them pictures of the lives that are being transformed. Have them tell stories about the kid who is struggling with rejection and self-medication and explain what might cause it. Remind people that the tables that they set up allowed conversations that will change families and schools and the world.

Those guys in the picture?

They are Mike and Chris. They have spent time together in the not yet crisis. Their families spend time together. Mike drives a truck. Chris talks to him on the phone to keep him awake. Chris helps a company sort through incredibly difficult production deadlines. Mike keeps him focused on what matters.

They have trained each other and a bunch of other guys and now a new generation of guys in caring and living and how to deal with helping people in crisis.

The time they have invested in the times between, in the not yet crisis, helps them and their companies and our church and a bunch of people who have lives falling apart.

What are you waiting for? Go train someone. In something. Before you wish you had.