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8 ways to treat people who do not know as much as you

We all have them. People around us who don’t know as much as we do. And every time we discover that, we have choices.

1. Ridicule them. “You don’t know that? Everyone knows that.”
2. Ignore them. “Let’s move on.”
3. Gossip about them. “Can you believe the idiots I have to work with?”
4. Teach them. “Can I explain how do to that?”
5. Look at them. Is it possible that because they are 20 years younger and don’t have children they may not know how to change a diaper? Is it possible that because they are doing ___ for the first time, they haven’t benefited from learning what you have learned by messing this up 147 times?
6. Listen to them. “What do you think we could do?”
7. Honor them. “You made choices that kept you from having the experiences I have had.”
8. Mentor them. “To get to where you want to go, there are some ways to develop your strengths. Can I talk with you every so often?”

Your turn. What are the next 8?


Get a little help

This week, I talked with a friend about writing. She’s a writing coach. She was giving away free 30 minutes sessions for the first five people who asked.

I asked.

I already know how to write. I already know how I write. I want to be more effective.

It was interesting for both of us. We respect each other. We know each other’s writing. It could have been awkward, but it wasn’t.

I told her what I was wanting in my writing. She asked me some questions about what was stopping me. I answered and thought. She made some suggestions. I’m working on them.

It was a very fast half-hour.

Today, consider asking someone for help. This time, however, not because you feel desperate (our usual reason to ask for help).

Ask because you want to do better.

(thank you Joanna)