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leave it in 2008

It’s been bugging you for months now. You got everything done except for that last piece.

Maybe it’s writing the thank you.

Maybe it’s putting the project in the mail.

Maybe it’s putting the knobs on the door.

Maybe it’s throwing the scraps away.

Maybe it’s deciding that it isn’t worth finishing.

Maybe it’s the last coat of paint (or varnish).

Maybe it’s returning the book.

Maybe it’s admitting that she was right and restoring the relationship.

Maybe it’s changing the lightbulb.

Maybe it’s hanging the picture.

Maybe it’s walking back in.

You know what it is. It’s been bugging you for months.

Here’s what’s funny: it will take 15 minutes at the most to finish at least one project in 2008.

So in the almost three days that are left in 2008, spend fifteen minutes to finish that one thing. On Thursday, when you look back at the year, you’ll be able to say that for all the chaos, all the change, all the ups and downs and annoyances and celebrations, at least you got ________done.

And that can be a very good feeling.

So write it down. Now. And then go do it.

And then tell us about it.

(Me? the knobs. Time to put the knobs on the closet doors in the living room and finish a three year long project. You can read about it here.)