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On fog and clarity and lent

Here in Northern Indiana, we’ve had a lot of fog during the past two days. The meteorological explanation is that we had snow and then the temperature rose and the melting snow becomes a ground level cloud. There was enough ground level cloud yesterday that many districts around us canceled classes.

Somehow, however, it seems that the fog in the atmosphere isn’t the only fog.

Today is the first official day of writing over at lent2008.wordpress.com. I had committed to start the writing in this group writing project, but I couldn’t find anything profound floating around in my brain.

So here’s where I started:

Today is supposed to be a day of great clarity. By this morning we were supposed to know who THE candidates for president are. We were supposed to have decided who the best football team ever is. We were supposed to know just how spiritual we are.It’s Ash Wednesday, and historically, those who have ash on their heads know that they are God’s servants in the face of ridicule, and those who don’t have ash on their heads know that they are God’s servants in the face of centuries of confusion.

As usual, however, what is running through my head this morning is a significant lack of clarity in the face of all of the tendency toward confusion. While candidates were talking to their supporters, tornadoes were killing at least 27 people. All the money spent on the campaigning would go far to help the people who are dealing with destruction and pain, but the money can’t bring back lives.

For the rest of that post and to read more about what we are doing for Lent, head over to lent2008.wordpress.com.

As you read what is coming from the heads and hearts of my seven co-writers, i think you’ll enjoy this lenten season more than you ever have (and I fully understand the irony of that statement. That’s why I wrote it.)