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8 ways to make yourself angry

I was reading some list posts and thought, “I can handle that.” But I wasn’t sure what I knew about that anyone cared to know. However, I’m pretty sure that most people will find at least a couple of these helpful.

1. Decide that you are right, no matter what.
2. Establish unreasonable expectations for decorum for a two-year-old at Applebee’s.
3. Avoid sleeping.
4. Believe that you have saved the lives of all these ungrateful people.
5. Invent/create/develop a product/program/process/podcast that will save the planet/souls/time/sanity and believe that its value is self-evident.
6. Expect people and places to not change, and refuse to acknowledge that you have changed.
7. Believe that life is pointless, and then start caring.
8. Hit your thumb with a hammer…when you knew when you started that you should use screws.


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