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Breaking news

I sit in my office.

I’m waiting for news.

Our son has an engagement ring. He has been saving for a long time. He paid cash. He has money left.

We’re pretty sure we know what the answer will be. But we’re still waiting.

Nancy’s at home. I’m at my office. We are both checking twtter, checking flickr.

Yes. Really. We know that Andrew will let us know with twitter. tweet about andrew's engagement.

And then it comes. The first time I see the ring is on twitpic. The way Nancy and I know that we can stop talking about Andrew’s girlfriend and start talking about his fiance is by both seeing it on twitter.

That should come as no surprise, I guess. Some of you know about how they got together by reading about it at gnmparents.com (You’re fired) My family has bee part of my writing here, mostly because of what I have learned about life, about God, about communication and community and caring by living with these people. And I’ve mentioned them often.

So I thought you’d be interested in how much of a collection of geeks we’ve become.

Watching twitter.

Waiting for news.