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making me cry

glenda watson hyatt presenting at SOBconI’m sitting at SOBcon, listening to Glenda Watson Hyatt.

She is a disability conscience.

It’s working.

She is talking about how to make blogs accessible. She is talking about how to to make it possible for people who can’t hear or can’t see or who are color blind or who have limited movement to have access to what you want to say.

And I am sitting here with tears in my eyes.

Not because of how amazing it is for someone with cerebral palsy who can only type with her left thumb. If that were why I was in tears, I’m afraid that it would be too close to pity.

It’s because as a conscience she is inviting me to consider whether what I am doing as a blogger, what I am doing as a pastor, what I am doing in my conversations takes into account the person I am talking with.

And the truth?

I’m not thinking about how to help people hear what I am saying.

That’s not false guilt. I get false guilt. This is real guilt.

I don’t speak up. I never thought about putting labels on my pictures that would be helpful for a screen reader. I haven’t thought about people who are colorblind not being able to read links clearly. I haven’t thought about people who might not know what SOBcon is. (A conference that is helping people learn how to blog better).

I never thought.

Glenda, typing with her left thumb, put her presentation into an ebook about accessable blogging.

Thank you Glenda.