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The other night I was reading my email, minding my own business, when I heard from my friend Becky McCray. She we writing to a couple of us and created a wonderful metaphor about starting something. She said,

┬áIt’s like you want to throw a big costume party.

You call a few friends, “hey, I’m going to throw a costume party.” “Great idea!” We make supportive noises, offer a few ideas, and say we’ll be glad to help. Because we are, we will be, glad to help.

Then you work out a bit more on your own, and you send out the invitations, and you prepare like mad.

And you wait. Nervously. For guests you *hope* will arrive. “What if no one comes to my party?”

When I read it, I thought she was talking about something she was starting, a small business online tv show called Small Biz Startup TV. You can see the first episode and find out when the next show is by following that link.

But no. She was writing to encourage the other person, a friend who is taking some cool and bold and risky and tentative steps.

It’s a great story. Go read the whole post. And then think about your own party.

And if it involves a small business, talk to Becky. I hear she is a great party planner.