Coffee mug


This is the landing page for I registered the domain to make a point in a post on the difference between collectors and accumulators.

Coffee mug collectors would actually have a site like this for keeping track of the value of their collections.

I, on the other hand, am an accumulator. Coffee mugs tend to end up on my desk, in my office, in my hand. I don’t collect them.

On the other hand, I do collect the stories that the mugs represent.

So what do you collect? And what do you accumulate?

2 responses to “Coffee mug

  1. Hilarious that you actually bought the domain name. One of the most popular posts in the history of my site is related to a coffee mug. Drives TONS of traffic. you’ll have to watch the stats on this “site” and the original post.

  2. i wasn’t going to let anyone else get the traffic! Now, what can I do with

    Actually, Chris, I like your idea of letting people post pictures of their
    coffee mugs. But that’s your domain.

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