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social media chaplain

Thanks for stopping by. We aren’t sitting in the same room at the same time. However, I do have a cup of coffee as I write this…and I would offer you one, too. People talk to chaplains when they are … Continue reading

Social media chaplain

Emilio stood in the shower trying to think. Sometimes it seemed that it was the only place he was able to think.  It was probably the only place he unplugged. He was struggling with understanding what, exactly, he does. Emilio … Continue reading

i am not a social media guru

A couple weeks back, Fort Wayne had its first Social Media Breakfast. Brad Ward and Howard Kang from Bluefuego came to town to talk about “what’s next with the social web.” About 100 people showed up. Brad and Howard did … Continue reading

churches and social media – are we building relationships? – part one

Chris Cree asked a great question at highcallingblogs last week: “Is church slow to embrace social media?” He talks about his own consulting work in new media and the greater number of businesses than churches he sees involved in social … Continue reading

8 ways social media can learn from church

I decided to start on my presentation for SOBcon 2010 early. I haven’t been invited to make a presentation. I did, however,  spend most of two wonderful days in Chicago with some good friends, listening to people from marketing and … Continue reading

loose ends

When I come across an untended blog, I often wonder what happened. In the case of this one, life happened. A couple years ago, I started writing a five-days a week blog called But I kept writing here. That … Continue reading

The importance of story in your life

I can’t do it, Chris. You want me to write a quick post about the importance of story in my life. And I can’t do it. Because a good post would link to a couple places that I’ve talked about … Continue reading

Consider SOBcon 2010

I don’t do conferences much any more. I haven’t done much with all the stuff I’ve heard at conferences over the years, so I figure I better start doing some of those things before I add in more. I have, … Continue reading

trust is not camouflage

I’m sitting on Nancy’s sister’s deck. I’m five feet from a hummingbird feeder. A hummingbird just started coming to the feeder. It drinks. It leaves. It comes back. I sit here as quietly as I can, glad that the screen … Continue reading

Five love languages

I don’t like to follow trends. When a book becomes popular or has multiple editions and workbooks, I avoid it. It’s just how I am. Because of this tendency, I put off reading The Five Love Languages: How to Express … Continue reading