loose ends

anticipationWhen I come across an untended blog, I often wonder what happened.

In the case of this one, life happened.

A couple years ago, I started writing a five-days a week blog called 300wordsaday.com. But I kept writing here. That was for talking about following Jesus. This was for observations about life and social media and randomness. But this is becoming more random, more sporadic. And I am doing so much teaching and talking and shooting, that I don’t have enough energy for making observations about it.

So I’m writing this post to say, “Thanks for being on this part of the ride, but feel free to move along, there’s nothing more to see.”

I’m leaving everything here. There are probably some worthwhile observations in the archives. But I’m officially no longer feeling guilty for not writing anything.


The email version of 300wordsaday.com

The kindle version of 300wordsaday.com

And someday at SocialMediaChaplain.com.

With love and gratitude,


9 responses to “loose ends

  1. Well, I will miss you a bit here, as this is the first place I got to know you. But I completely understand, and am v glad you are doing it without any guilt 🙂

    PS you need to fix the social chaplain link

    PPS see you in other places soon x

  2. We’ll miss you, Jon, but at least you’re still online. 🙂

  3. Joanna and Bryan –

    Thanks for being part of my family here. And thanks, Joanna, for the catch on that link!

  4. Have enjoyed a lot of good conversations here–but I totally, TOTALLY understand the “life happens” thing, as evidenced by my own largely “untended blog”. Great to live in a time when there are LOTS of places for one’s voice–and message–to be heard. Thanks, Jon. God uses you as a megaphone for His truth and love in a lot of people’s lives–including mine.

  5. Thanks for all you wisdom and wit!

  6. Good to know, Jon. Been reading both, but wondering why this one hasn’t updated as often. Looking forward to what God does next.

  7. Thank you Amy. And Barbara. And Chris.

    You are right, Amy, about many locations. It’s a huge challenge to find focus, when necessary. I’m still learning.

  8. Way to let go! I bet it feels good to let go.
    I’m enjoying 300wordsaday — well maybe not always “enjoying” because your posts do a good job of challenging complacency and really making me think.

  9. thanks Debbie! And I still drink form my GH mug and think of the connections.