Blank slate.

a ream of paperHope had a Christmas list. We gave her a number of things on the list. One of them was a ream of paper.

So we got her a ream of paper. And colored pencils.

And I wrote on the plain wrapping paper this: “Sometimes the best gift is a blank slate.”

As I wrote it, I was thinking about all that Hope is going to print on that paper. She and her roommate will print a semester’s worth of papers, of research, of assignments. I was trying to bring some status to a plain (though necessary) gift.

I quickly realized that I was more right than I thought. Sometimes the best gift we can give to family, to friends, to ourselves, is a blank slate. Free of expectations, of limitations, of blame. A fresh start.

This is the third year I’ll start the new year with a clean Moleskine notebook. A blank slate. A fresh start.

I’m wondering what would happen if we handed our friends a ream of paper, a new package of 3×5 cards, a new whiteboard. What would happen if we meant it.