I know that we are busy.

5 minutesI know that we all have a million things to do, that we have everyone asking us for our time, our money, our attention, our hearts. We all feel like we have no time for ourselves, no time to do what we would like to do.

Not in a frivolous way, mind you, but the growing that we desperately want to do. The understanding that we know that we want to pursue. The dreams or the job or the relationship.

But it seems like we have no time. Or maybe that all we have is five minutes a day. Just five minutes of silence, of no requests.

So here’s the question I have for you. It’s the same question I’ve been asking myself a lot recently.

What am I doing with that five minutes?


8 responses to “I know that we are busy.

  1. I would love to say “prayer” or something staggeringly profound, but it wouldn’t be honest.

    Usually, if I manage to claw that five minutes from the tentacles of what I need to do, all I do with it is rest. Try to untangle the knot of the 50 strands of thought that are constantly unwinding in my head. Maybe think in a concentrated way about one or two of those strings.

  2. I couldn’t pay enough for this post. This post meant a lot to me. I’m so grateful that you said it this way. It really made me pause and think about how I’m using my time, and excuses I make.

  3. Well, I picture myself holding a hot cup of tea, standing on my deck looking into the tangled web of trees and branches in the over grown back yard, pondering on the scriptures that I read that morning.

    But instead, open COD and play way too long!

  4. I decided this week to take more than five minutes – I took the whole week. There wasn’t anything pressing on the calendar, so I put an “out of office” reply on my email and voice mail. It hasn’t stopped people from continuing to expect me to respond to them, but it has given me a physical boundary that allows me to politely say no – next week is soon enough.
    It’s amazing how much thinking, planning and reflecting one can do while cleaning closets.

  5. you know? rest is a good thing for five minutes sometimes.

  6. see, Rodney, I understand that. And that’s why I’m asking myself the 5 minute question these days. What if I did just stop for the five and reflect instead of, well, instead of a lot of things.

  7. oh my. This is so convicting. In a really good way. Thank you.