I’m going to Detroit

looking upI think that the last time I spoke at a conference was more than twenty years ago. It was the Central States Speech Association conference in Cincinnati. I talked about rhetoric.

Next week Michael Buckingham and I are privileged to be part of the 140 Characters conference in Detroit. (Actually, I’m privileged. Michael’s the cool one. He runs holycowcreative.org among other things.)

This conference is the latest in a series of 140 conferences created and run by Jeff Pulver.Jeff thinks that it is worth getting a bunch of people together to talk in 10-15 minute presentations about what the technological and cultural focus on “now” means to all parts of society. These conferences move fast. Speakers tell incredible stories. They show amazing creativity. They talk about twitter a lot.

Michael and I are going to be talking with each other about

How social media expands the walls of the church and invites conversations about faith.

And that’s what we’ll be doing. Talking with each other. In a conversation. We figured that it would be worth modeling what we’re talking about. So there won’t be slides, there won’t be a script. It will be two guys who care a lot about clear communication looking at how new communication technologies apply to church.  (We’ll put the resources and things we should have covered in a website. 140church.com. And we will know the questions in advance. Most of them anyway.)

You can still register. And I’m guessing that you can still use the code 140DISC to get $40 off the $140 price. And if you come you can hear Jeff and Michael and Becky McCray and Chris Brogan and Becky Johns (I linked to a wonderful essay she wrote recently) and a bunch of other people.

I’m looking forward to it.

The 140 Characters Conference is in Detroit on October 20 at the Fillmore Detroit.