10 bucks on 10.10.10 is a safe bet.

sewer grateI have a couple friends in East Jordan, Michigan.

Actually, I’ve only talked to them twice. I don’t know them well at all. But I think about them often. When I’m crossing a street and walk across round metal drain, I look at it. Many in our part of the country are made at the East Jordan Iron Works. And I think of my friends.

Why? Because the first time we were together, Bart pointed out the connection. Sewer grates mean East Jordan mean Bart.

There are thousands of these grates. No one thinks about them. We drive past them. We drive over them. We drive past them. But for me, they are reminders of a couple guys in East Jordan, Michigan, changing lives.

Diana Scimone did the same thing for me last year with the concept of child sex trafficking. We hear about it regularly. It is a big problem, found everywhere. But it is easy to just be part of the traffic, driving by, missing the details. And forgetting that it isn’t a concept. Girls and boys are being bought and sold and raped and killed. One at a time.

So Diana did a twitterthon last year to raise money to create materials to teach kids and parents how to avoid trafficking. And because of those funds, and because of Diana’s perseverance, there are materials ready to be tested right now. With real kids. To keep them from getting run over in (sex) traffic.

She’s doing it again this year. On Sunday, 10.10.10, we can chipin $10 to become part of her goal of 10,000 people giving $10 on 10.10.10.

There is plenty of pain to go around, lots of opportunities to give. Where you are already changing the world, keep doing it. But Diana, for me, is a person who is making that change in a creative tangible way. She’s got my heart.

Even when a grate is smeared with tar, it was still made in East Jordan. Even when a child is smeared with the slime of human consumption, she was still made by God.

The born2fly 10.10.10 twitterthon.


3 responses to “10 bucks on 10.10.10 is a safe bet.

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  2. Thanks for this post – you’re right – too often the things that matter become part of the background of life’s landscape as we rush past to get it all done. Pausing to see and then doing something about it … that can result in true rewards – true living.
    Thanks for the perspective!

  3. You are such a wonderful writer, Jon. Thank you for sharing your writing, your heart, and your wallet with us for 10/10/10.


    Diana Scimone
    The Born2Fly Project to stop child trafficking