a blip may be small.

But it can be huge.

Johanna blogs at Blip of Cheer. She had two pictures on her site, asking readers to find the difference.

I did.

She sent my prize.

It was pressed leaves from Minnesota.

There are two cool things about that prize.

One is that a prize doesn’t have to be expensive to make a connection. It just has to make the connection. (So give someone a prize this week.)

The other is that Johanna lives a very few miles from the church that both sides of my family attended generations ago. Of course, that far back, they didn’t know that my mom and dad would marry. The families may or may not even have known each other.

But these leaves came from soil my family knew.

The lesson there? You have no idea how the things you do resonate with the lives of people you barely know. So send out leaves. Tell stories. Hit “send”.


One response to “a blip may be small.

  1. Johanna Fenton

    I’m honored to be mentioned here! Thanks Jon.