Megin is doing something.

megin hatch

Megin is going to Ethiopia.

She read in A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life that sometimes we have to do something to change the story we are writing. And so Megin is going to Ethiopia.  She’s going with some other people who are going to an orphanage (among other places).

She wants to take stuff with her when she goes, stuff that will be helpful in the orphanages and leper colonies and other places she’s going to visit. She knows that her own heart, as large as it is, and her own hands, as caring as they are, won’t go very far. So she’s figuring out how to get t-shirts and soccer balls and other stuff that will stay when she leaves. And money. She wants to leave money.

Nancy and I have already done a little to help Megin. But I haven’t made any connections between her and you. So here’s what I’m inviting you to do:

Megin is just one of many friends that I have who are trying to figure out what is next. They (maybe you) want to do something that matters and aren’t sure exactly what that is and so are looking. And leaping.

You don’t have to give anything to help Megin. She’s good with that. So am I.

But do something for someone. Unless you are the one who needs the help. In which case, let me know and we can do something for you. But both helping and being helped involve leaps.

For now?

Yeah Megin!

2 responses to “Megin is doing something.

  1. Thank you, Jon, for all of the ways you and Nancy are supporting this trip/process.

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