Still have it


It’s been three years or so since a router meant a woodworking tool. For most of the time since then, it’s been a computer networking device, an integral part of how I connect with the outside world.

That latter kind of router also marks how I spend a lot of time, whether troubleshooting networks or pushing writing and pictures and stories and encouragement through them. As much as I don’t like dealing with actual routers, I am glad for the connections.

I volunteered to build a shelf over the weekend, one of a couple woodworking projects I have just taken on. The shelf will be used in a preschool classroom. I started simple with the shelf, but realized that it would be nicer (and safer) with rounded corners.

I pulled out the woodworking router.

It was nice to be disconnected for awhile, working with tangible materials, seeing touchable results. It turns out I wasn’t disconnected after all. It was just a different kind of connection, using my dad’s old router, and workbench, and lessons.

Happy labor day.


2 responses to “Still have it

  1. I’m definitely too young to appreciate a time when a router meant anything other than the thingy that connects you the internet, however I appreciate and fully understand that longing for the tangible.

    A nice little meditation this. Keep ’em coming! 🙂