growing up

wedding pictureFifty-four years ago, they were the anxious ones. Anxious to get on with life. Anxious to change the word. Anxious to be the newlyweds.

Fifty-four years ago today, Arnold Swanson and Ardis Larson got married.

This summer they watched their oldest grandchild get married, anxious to get on with his life, anxious to change the world. This week, they watch one granddaughter go back for a second year of college and two others start high school. They watch their youngest grandson act more grown up than all the rest of us.

And I think they are still a little anxious, wishing they could do more, absorb pain for us, and understand the future. They understand the long-term future, no question. They have relationships with Jesus that go way back.  It is the short-term future that is more uncertain.

And yet.

They are honoring their anniversary by helping people in Kenya go to school. They will spend the morning praying for each of their kids and grandkids by name. They will look at each other and Mom will smile and Dad will shrug.

And year fifty-five will start the same way year zero did: together in love.

Thank you Mom and Dad. Happy anniversary.

(photo courtesy of Evan Perigo)


2 responses to “growing up

  1. loved it…don’t you sometimes wish that all the people who know you could meet mom and dad and get the part of you that is them? yeah, me too. i mean about me, not you. well maybe a little bit you. btw…it’s been crazy at work so i haven’t gotten much read (because when I get home I’m chillin my brain with my chilluns…but i hope to before i come to see you this weekend.

  2. What a wonderful heritage you have, and what a blessing to know that you have parents (and your kids have grandparents) who pray for them daily. My ex-husband’s grandparents used to pray for all their children/grandchildren/great grandchildren every day. Even my divorce didn’t keep his grandmother from praying for me. (His grandfather had passed a few years before our divorce.) When she died, I felt two losses.