figuring out how

camerasLast week I talked about how much video and photo information I have to process. There are lots of things that can be done, from delegating to not saying yes in the first place, to doing a better job of planning the production in the first place.

(Jim Long is going to be helpful with some of these pieces in his upcoming webinar. Head to vergenewmedia for more information).

One of the paralyzing things for me is that I have different things I want to do with the images (website, youtube, videos for church services, video loops for kiosks) and I use four different cameras and I work on three different computers. Simplifying that stream isn’t a possibility. (I like to be able to use three cameras even without a switcher) But what I realized yesterday is this, documenting the production  stream is a possibility.

On my whiteboard right now is the beginning of a chart:

Videoloop of photos => Nero Vision
Photos on website => step 1,
step 2,
step 3

I realized that if I document how to get to each of the products I need from each of the inputs I use, I won’t have to figure that out every time.

You, of course, know this. You, of course, have looked at all the tasks you perform sporadically and have created decision-trees or process diagrams for yourself. So that you don’t have to make choices. You can make content.

Me? I’m just starting. But it’s simpler already.

Make sense?


2 responses to “figuring out how

  1. You have discovered system engineering!

  2. what? i’m becoming an engineer?