for some things, you are the only one

I’m editing.

editing typingI’ve been writing for 18 months over at and have, in that time, generated a lot of words. So I’m taking the first year of writing about the book of Matthew and pulling it together into some sort of a book.

I say “some sort” because I’m not sure how it will turn out. But as I sat on the sofa a few minutes ago, pen in hand, reading slowly through the beginning of the 66,000 words, I realized that if I don’t do that editing, phrase by phrase, through the document, it will be no sort of book.

My friend Chris, who regularly challenges me, talked last week about how not to write a book. I won’t list all the ways that he identified. other than to say I’ve done all 10. So instead, I’m taking his five steps of what to do.

How to Write a Book

  1. Write until you’re done.
  2. Edit a bit.
  3. Find a buyer.
  4. Sell it.
  5. Sell it more.

I’m on number 2.  It’s tedious for me. It requires more discipline than I think I have. It takes a belief that when I’ve done, I won’t have wasted a big chunk of  time doing the wrong thing.

On the other hand, I find it very easy to waste little chunks of time on many things, so maybe editing will just be more efficient.

So what’s the book? I’m calling it, for right now, Matthew: now in 3D.

You know how you can watch a 3D movie without the glasses. You can still see it. But there is something a little off, something missing. And then you put on the glasses and suddenly, something happens. Some of the characters have more dimension. Some of the action jumps out at you.

This book is a pair of 3D glasses for the Gospel of Matthew.

I’ll keep you posted. Let me know if you see a buyer.

Oh wait. That might be you. That’s why I’m going back to editing.

After breakfast.


7 responses to “for some things, you are the only one

  1. If you’d like me to help you proof it, I’d be happy to…when you get to that step…which I think is step 2.b.3 🙂

  2. Jon, lol! I can’t wait to buy and I love the title too. I am in the editing process too and must say your words provided some encouragement. I too have feared that I lack the discipline to get it done but I need to keep plugging away. Praying for you!

  3. Will do, though a different kind of proofing.

  4. Thanks Karen. In part, this post is about accountability, building a structure to help with the discipline, including encouragement.

  5. I love “more discipline than I think I have.” How much can we do if we just believe in ourselves? I have a project stewing as well … mine will start as a series of articles and see where it goes from there. I wish you God speed on your journey.