smaller audiences, better.

fire and chairs by a lake

So Billy Graham said years ago that if he were a pastor, he would spend his time with a small group of people, teaching them.

I think one of the first things I would do would be to a get a small group of eight or ten or twelve people around me that would meet a few hours a week and pay the price! It would cost them something in time and effort. I would share with them everything I have, over a period of years.

Today Christopher S Penn talks about the apprentice system in old Japan:

The apprentice could, within the bounds of etiquette, also ask the master how he handled very different situations, very different customers, and learn firsthand all of the different aspects of being a master blacksmith.

I’m thinking that sometimes we think too big about our audiences. A small attentive audience, a team, an apprentice, a disciple. That may be the right size of group to make a difference.


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  2. Totally agreed.

    I wrote about that to, here: