i never thought of that.

backyardWe are getting new phone service at work. We are getting new phone service at home. Home is scheduled for Friday, for my day off. The work provider called today to tell me that the installer was coming to prewire on Friday, on my day off.

I said “okay” and started to make plans to be two places at once.

Our facilities manager approached me about taking a full day off rather than a half day on Friday. I approached him about being on call on Friday because of the install. He said, “Can they come on Monday instead of Friday?”

As I was dialing to ask that question, I realized that we are the ones hiring the new phone company. We have a little bit of leverage. We could stay with the status quo.

I asked. Lori checked. We’re scheduled for Monday. I can have my day off. Matthew can have the day off for his anniversary.

It makes me wonder how many other interruptions and inconveniences I could avoid by saying, “could we do that on __day instead?”

You, of course, know this already and  are laughing at me. That’s okay. I’m laughing at me, too.

And looking forward to my day off.


3 responses to “i never thought of that.

  1. I teach many clients this. It’s one of those funny doh moments when you realize that you have a say in the way it goes. ESPECIALLY if you freelance.

    Glad you learned that lesson!

  2. let’s see if I can hang onto it! Thanks Chel