a clean tub that doesn’t leak

Last Friday night, there was water dripping from the ceiling of our laundry room. Ruling out an exploding washing machine, it was clear that in some way the tub upstairs was leaking. Because it was about midnight, I put a bucket under the drip and went back to bed.

After much research on Saturday morning, it was determined that contacting someone else was in order. After a weekend exchange of emails, Ross came on Monday. He fixed the problem on Wednesday. The shower was back in operation on Thursday.

The problem was that the caulking was coming apart from the tub enclosure and water was leaking behind the wall. (I could explain more precisely, but that isn’t necessary for the point of the story).

The point of the story is this: we paid Ross to replace the caulking.

I know how to do it. I have done caulking in the past. And I know that when I try, I get incredibly frustrated and incredibly messy and incredibly dissatisfied with the final product which almost never is final.

We have often done things ourselves. And I am slowly learning that it demonstrates more maturity and stewardship to pay someone to do some of those things than to do them myself. Because often, I can’t.

And my time–and frustration–are better spent on projects I can do.

Like writing posts.

I was delighted to step into the blazing whiteness of a non-leaking tub this morning. And enjoyed the freedom of not worrying about whether it was done right.


2 responses to “a clean tub that doesn’t leak

  1. Yes!!! Wow, do I ever feel affirmed by this. Taking 10 times as long to do a frustratingly poor job just isn’t worth it! Thanks Jon.

  2. I was referred here by Ben at Mailchimp (one of his posts). Glad I was. Good story, good point. Going to subscribe and hope the rest of the content provides the same value.

    No pressure šŸ™‚