What are you making?

making pie

Making disciples is a communal project, a relational process.  Making pies isn’t necessarily. But when a pie maker involves a bunch of kids in making pies, some to share, some to not share, it becomes communal.

These kids are learning about making pie. They are also learning about being together, about caring, about understanding the connection between preparation and steps and resisting eating all the dough, and a desirable outcome. They are understanding something about kinesthetic learning (with movement). They are finding out how to break processes into pieces. They are learning about patience from their teacher.

Often when making disciples of any kind, we focus on the task of discipleship. I wonder if we focused more on making pie, together, when making disciples than we focused on making disciples, we might have better disciples. We might be teaching them how to live as disciples, as followers, rather than being in class.

And we might have better pie.


3 responses to “What are you making?

  1. What a lovely picture, both literally and figuratively. I want to make pies with you and Nancy. Both kinds.

  2. I loved vacation

  3. One of my favorite memories from the youth ministry days was making pizzas from scratch with the kids in the youth group. Great conversations, great fun, and some of the best pizza when it was all done.