leadership paralysis

leadership booksI browse library book shelves. It’ s fun. Last night we were looking for origami books. I looked on the shelf behind us and started laughing.

If you are “becoming a leader” you can choose between “quiet leadership” and “fierce leadership.” All three authors, I’m sure, are right. All three have wonderful insights for people like them. But what if you aren’t like them (or like Jack Welch or Donald Trump or Bill Walsh?)

Dunno. Guess you’d have to find the book for people who aren’t like people who write books but still have to help people accomplish coordinated work.

Hey! I bet that would make a great book!


10 responses to “leadership paralysis

  1. I love love love this post, Jon.

    I am reminded of the book, “Wild at Heart” (not to be confused with the movie of the same name!). An old buddy of mine recommended that I read it – and he raved at how it had changed his life and the lives of many of his friends who he had influenced.

    Well, I am about halfway through. It has some good points, but in general, it is TOTALLY not in sync with who I am. So I am slogging through, to honor him, but it’s not a fun task.

  2. what’s funny, Paul, is that I liked that one, but not the other books by the same author. I think it was a timing thing. So I understand.

    And I have this question: why finish if it’s only for obligation?

  3. Good point, Jon.

    I may just have to tell my friend that I don’t want to finish it. However, the thing that is keeping me going is that it very much describes my first-born son. So it’s helping me to understand him. But it’s not fun reading for me.


  4. ah, but the investment in your son’s heart….the complications of parenting.

  5. Jon, that is quite funny and you’re right all have their merits. Many of the popular leadership books today though seem to do more with the branding and personality of the author rather than solid, actionable tactics. Also, timing does matter, there are books that I have not finished at one point but later found them entirely appropriate.

  6. solid actionable tactics for anyone but the author back when. Thanks Karen!

  7. random leadership?
    indifferent leadership?
    reluctant leadership?
    leadership: what happens when you’re not looking
    disorganized leadership?
    leadership whether you like it or not!

  8. I would read many of those books.

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