on vacation

by the lakeIs this the right way to relax? What is acceptable on vacation?

Can I write a post? Must I not? Can Nancy bake a pie? Should she buy the crust? Do we have to get up early so we don’t waste precious vacation time sleeping?

Vacation is hard for pleasers.

But we are trying our best.


10 responses to “on vacation

  1. You mean, Are we having fun yet?

    Hope you’re having fun you guys. Or as they say these days, Enjoy!

  2. oh yes, we are. conversation. lake. coffee. perfect.

  3. Steve Brogan

    Try not to over think it and just enjoy what you like doing! Relaxing, tweeting, swimming, lounging about, or even blogging!

  4. Enjoy your vacation! You get to make the rules — pie-making wouldn’t be a vacation to me but I’m happy if it is for you.

  5. Please do 🙂 (just keep doing whatever you want to do)

    Have a wonderful time x

  6. Pie baking (and cookie making) are quite relaxing for this task-oriented vacationer. We are enjoying the people, the lake, the great food, and encouraging conversations.

  7. thank you all (the still lake is lovely this morning)

  8. Relax.

    It sounds like you are.

  9. and yet it all fell into place without creating too much chaos 🙂 I’m too selfish to be a pleaser. but i bet it would be really tricky! How do you feel you did?

  10. I am quite certain that this post and the fact that you wrote it, ruined vacation. I’m so glad it’s finally over.