You have to get new fat in your fryer

Fiske FriesFiske makes French fries. They have made them since 1938. They have a trailer at the Hillsdale (MI) County Fair. They’ve had a trailer, been cooking fries, for decades.

When we went to the fair last fall, Nancy wanted fries, Fiske fries.   She’s been getting them for years, since she went to the fair to show animals as a kid.

She got her fries.

But what I’m pretty sure is that the fat in the fryer isn’t the same as the fat from when Nancy first tasted a Fiske fry. The thought makes us gag.

To keep the same quality, you have to change the fat. You have to change the potatoes. In fact, since 1938 I’m guessing that they have changed the friers, the trailer, the staff, the location. Nothing is the same as the fries that Nancy remembers. Except that they are still Fiske fries.

So, what do you need to change to be the same?


3 responses to “You have to get new fat in your fryer

  1. For those of you who are wondering, NO, I wasn’t there in 1938 when they started making fries!!!!

  2. and if anything I said implied that, I am way sorry!

  3. Jon, this short little post was amazingly helpful to me! You helped me determine the right question.