She doesn’t know about mentos

I sat at a table in a restaurant with my cousin once removed. It was an informal restaurant and an informal group of extended family. As is usual for me, I was fidgeting after we ate. I had a Lifesavers mint. I had a cup with some pop. And so, of course I broke the mint into pieces, awkwardly, and dropped a piece into the pop.
It fizzed. A little.
I looked around the table and saw a bottle of Diet Coke. I had more pieces of Lifesaver. I poured the Diet Coke into the cup and dropped a piece of Lifesaver into the cup.
Some of you are imagining what happened next. You are picturing a huge foaming mess. That’s because you are one of the untold million people who have watched what happens when you mix Mentos and Diet Coke. You watched it on YouTube or Letterman or the Morning news.
You imagined wrong. What happened was a little fizzing.
I looked at my cousin once removed. I suggested this as a project for her as she teaches her children. I said it was like the Mentos and Diet Coke.
She didn’t know what I was talking about.
Millions of people and she hadn’t heard of it.
It would be possible, of course, to critique this native of northern Wisconsin. After all, everyone has seen Mentos and Diet Coke. But it is possible that with her four children and her involvement with extended families and home-schooling and church and commuting husband that she doesn’t exactly find it necessary to know about Mentos and Diet Coke. It is possible that she could be thoughtful and articulate and caring and fully human and one of the best “look you in the eye and ask caring questions” people that I know and not have watched the videos.
I find this hard to believe, given how much I laugh at watching the foam come out of the bottles. But I’m guessing that she may not be alone.

There may be millions of people who have never heard of what matters to me.

So, are they out of touch?

Or am I?


4 responses to “She doesn’t know about mentos

  1. Jon, as always, your stories are amusing:) As far as your question, I don’t think either one of you are out of touch. You are just both in touch with what matters in each of your worlds. And on a side note…your cousin once removed is now at least aware of the Mentos and Diet Coke…even if your version produced a much smaller fizz.

  2. Smiling and reminding you that one does not preclude the other.

  3. I think that we are all out of touch with various things that are important to others.

    My wife and I are out of touch with certain aspects of life that are important to the other. For example, I always have a parenting book on my bedside table that I must read. (I’d rather read an entertaining novel. She wouldn’t.)

  4. (I’ve only heard about Mentos and Diet Coke) I will ponder this idea of being out of touch with the things that matter to someone else…applies at home, at work, at church….everywhere. Thanks.