8 ways to get perspective

Feeling as mentally swamped as I am? Been thinking and talking as much as I have? walking into another 24 hours of retreat conversations like I am? Maybe you need this as much as I do.

andrew and allie and the future1. Remember the conversations you have had more than the projects you have finished (or haven’t).

2. Remember the things that you have done rather than the things that you haven’t.

3. Remember that plotlines can turn in an instant, and that this isn’t always bad.

4. Remember the people that actually do love you and consider that they may not be lying when they say, “I love you”.

5. Remember the people that you love and consider that they really need that love.

6. Consider the possibility that you cannot understand God nearly as well as He understands you.

7. Remember to breathe.

8. Consider.


In the picture are the newlyweds standing in their empty apartment less than 48 hours after the wedding before moving the stuff in, looking at the future.


2 responses to “8 ways to get perspective

  1. That’s really awesome. I have been thinking a lot about Levites too, as its a recurring theme in my life. So here it is again popping up in your blog! Thanks 🙂

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