Never without a tripod – foam cup tripod

I needed a quick tripod for a Flip camera.

I don’t have one of the fun little table ones.

I didn’t know where to find  a bag of rice or beans or sand.

I didn’t want a huge one that is way too obvious.

I used what I almost always have available.

I used a styrofoam cup.

I also used some gaffers tape, but that was insurance.

foam cup tripod view 2a foam cup tripod view 1


4 responses to “Never without a tripod – foam cup tripod

  1. Awesome tripod idea! I usually just sit the camera on the surface and try to hold it with on the top side but inevitably you get a little bit of wobble in some shots. The gaffer tape is a good idea. Might have to pack some in my carry bag as a just in case item.

  2. And, it’s a good re-use of styrofoam cups! 🙂

    Next, you need to make yourself a SteadyCam – it really works – Greg made one.

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