Pep talk

I got a pep talk today. It told me what I didn’t have to do. It was wonderful.

Liz Strauss started off SOBcon with three simple statements about building relationship, about building business, about building community. And all three of them are about what we can’t do.

  • You can’t be Oz.
  • You can’t stay inside the building.
  • You don’t want to build the Coliseum.

Why are can’t statements positive? Because they tell us what we don’t have to worry about. We don’t have to worry about maintaining the big image on the screen. We don’t have to worry about hiding behind our desk, our job, what we do for money. We don’t have to have to build a monument.

Instead, we can build community. We can build people. We can just walk down the sidewalk, the hallway, the street and…walk.

There’s way more to Liz’s story. Someday she’ll tell it. In the meantime, I’m grateful she didn’t tell us what we had to do.

She cut us slack.

And that’s pretty inspiring.


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