What’s stopping you?

what's stopping youWho is sending the hostage note?

What distractions am I creating?

What am I doing with the part of my attention that I get to direct?

Just letting you join in the question I’m wrestling with right now.


13 responses to “What’s stopping you?

  1. OK – cool ransom note. How did you do that??

  2. Oftentimes, is that “What’s stopping us” a who? We tend to put up barriers and excuses ourselves that impede us from moving forward. Why do tend to do that?

  3. @Glenda Fear. At least that’s what stops me, many times.

  4. Martha Casselman

    30 pounds

  5. Paul, I appreciate fear as a barrier and sometimes fear is a protector, like putting your hand on a hot stove or finding yourself in uncomfortable situation. However, some fears are unfounded, perhaps its fear of the unknown, that we aren’t good enough or whatever. With that kind of fear, I recently discovered that it’s possible to be scared, terrified, to acknowledge that fear and then go beyond it. And that is so liberating, so empowering!

    The challenge is determining what kind of fear it is – a protector or a self-imposed barrier.

    Just a thought.

  6. glenda – you mean like riding a zip line?

    For me, it can be a person, or, more often, what I think a person thinks. It can be fear, like fear of success or failure. It can be clutter that I allow to grow up. It can be all kinds of things, few of which are legitimate limiting factors. Or it can be 30 pounds.

  7. Yes, something like that, Jon. 😉

  8. What if… I spent the day answering those questions… I’d have written a book. =)

  9. I’m reading some books about this very thing…just focused in the area of emotional eating.


  10. The only who that can really stop you … is you, right? If I’m afraid what that person thinks … *I’m* the one in the way … not him … ’cause chances are pretty good he’s not thinking about me at all …

    … excuses

  11. hi Anna. I think that a majority of the time it is me. I think that there are times when other people do stop us, for good or for ill. But it isn’t as often as I would like to believe.