8 ways to get unstuck on Wednesday

1. Drink some water. (One 16 ounce glass.)

task list for Wednesday afternoon2. Take 30 minutes to make a clear list of what needs to be accomplished this week. Not want to, not wish, need.

3. Use a timer to spend 30 minutes on something from the list. (You need to get something done. Almost anything. And turn off the monitor or close all browsers while you do it.)

4. If you have a colleague, talk through at least one of the projects with them. (You probably need some additional persective. You might be less stuck than you thought.)

5. Talk through the huge mistake you think you just made. (Maybe it wasn’t huge or wasn’t a mistake or isn’t permanent. Maybe someone else will see the truth more clearly than you can.)

6. Go to two funerals in two days. (Or do something else that will provide life/death perspective.)

7. Teach someone something. Learn something from someone. (Even if it is a simple 5 minute explanation of a concept you think everyone already knows. Maybe they forgot. Maybe you did.)

8. Write a post about how to get unstuck. (It’s a simple way to take care of #3 above).


4 responses to “8 ways to get unstuck on Wednesday

  1. My first thought was, “That’s it! I need to go to more funerals!” My immediate next thought was, “Yikes! Forget all that crap that says you should go with your first thought.”

    I suppose this will have to be my number 6. Read a post recommending that you go to funerals to gain life/death perspective.

  2. thanks Marti – I like your menu better. And need it.

  3. Kay. there’s almost nothing wrong with your perspective already.