a note from Wiesel on writing

If I am a good writer, a unique writer, I take your life for one minute, or one hour, into my hand. I take your life and touch it, caress it, sooth it, perhaps break it. It is a tremendous responsibility.

Elie Wiesel, Journal of Education, vol 189:3.

This week you will take lives into your hand. You will have minutes of conversation, of condolence, of confrontation, of condemnation. You will hold your own heart in your hand and talk to it, examine it, encourage it, excoriate it.

Since it takes about the same amount of time to wreck and then repair the damage as it does to build up, while you are holding lives in your hand this week, be responsible.

After all, to write and be read, to speak and be heard, is a tremendous privilege.


One response to “a note from Wiesel on writing

  1. Sally Lepley

    Thanks for the reminder.