You should recruit this kid for your Chicago business

Andrew SwansonI know. He looks kind of blurry. And it’s a mess around him. But it’s my desk, not his. And it’s my camera not his.

He’s addressing hold-the-date invitations for his wedding in June. He’ll finish college in May, with a degree in English and Literature with a minor in journalism. He and Allie will live at Loyola where she’s in grad school.

He loves his fiance and and his mom and his dog Shiloh and pie nd his sister and his dad and his God, though not in that order.  He writes freelance newspaper articles and sells soccer shoes and used to want to be a farmer. He also loved to watch the garbage truck and the guys installing high pressure gas lines in front of the house. He will answer to Andrew or Drew or sometimes Walt, but never to Andy.

He is very articulate, though when he was much younger, Meryl, the name of his neighbor, came out Mull-ull. He has been involved on Niketalk for way too long. He played the trumpet. He played in mud in the back yard. He took a bus to kindergarten. His parents both cried more than he did that morning.

He is fluent in text and twitter and facebook, having deleted accounts in the latter two more than once. He texts his mother and gets frustrated when she uses LOL and other texting shortcuts.  (As recently as last night, he did, however 🙂 at his dad.)

I have no idea what he can do for you, business person. I seldom actually see him work, though I know he does.

I can tell you this, however. He has completely changed my life, since I held him that morning 23 years ago today and somehow stammered out, “welcome, Andrew Thomas Swanson.”

I’m sure he could make a difference for you.

Happy Birthday Andrew.


3 responses to “You should recruit this kid for your Chicago business

  1. Have a great birthday Andrew! And have a wonderful wedding day this summer.

  2. seriously…if anyone needs a copy of my resume…

  3. If I had a Chicago business, I’d definitely give this guy a second look! (Good job, Dad and Mom! Happy Birthday, Andrew!)