What is your Colt McCoy?

As I write, Colt McCoy is in the locker room. He was injured near the beginning of the last game of the college football season. He is an amazing quarterback, leading the #2 ranked college football team.

And now that team is without that experience, that poise, that core. Instead, a kid halfway through his first year of college is the center of attack.

In the locker room right now, plans are being made, encouragement is being offered.

And I’m thinking, what’s my Colt?

What is the skill, the attribute, the financing option, the relationship that I am counting on to take me to the championship? What is the absolute sure bet that could never be injured that I am depending on? What part of my life, my job, my team do I know will never fail?

And what’s my plan for when that shoulder is injured? Is there any other back up plan?

Because the unimaginable happens. Even in real life.


5 responses to “What is your Colt McCoy?

  1. Jon, ran across this site. thought you may like.
    pretty cool. good videos by colt and some other recognizable faces.

    (i have no affiliation)

  2. Yes, the unimaginable happens. I suspect you are better prepared than most.

  3. thanks for that link David

  4. On one hand Kay, yes. I’m confident in the game plan. On the other hand, I can get pretty caught up in calling my own plays.

  5. Jon, As a former college athlete and former full-time ministry as a Director of a large athletic ministry–I saw Colt’s story played out.

    I really enjoyed this post.

    @David Horne, I love I Am Second site as well. I’ve shared with others, both Christ followers and those who may not consider themselves believers, and they all can relate to the stories on this site.

    Thanks for the great post.