Helen speaks fluent email

Helen works in an office. She maintains contact with people around the world. She does it well.

Her communication medium of choice is email.

Some of her contacts are blogging. She wants to keep up with this part of their expression, but she isn’t as fluent in blog. And her workflow lets her do email well and blog not so well.

She could ask them to convert to email, setting up email as options for reading their messages. She doesn’t know quite what to ask, however, and she knows that many of them are not very experienced as bloggers.

What she wants is to be able to get three or four blogs emailed to her.

I used to send people like Helen to feedblitz.com. And the “subscribe to anything” is still an option, at the bottom of the page, past lots of stuff Helen doesn’t understand about email marketing.

So where can I send Helen to get emails of blogs? She’s motivated. But she needs it to be simple.

Can you help me?


5 responses to “Helen speaks fluent email

  1. whoa, Kathy. That is amazingly simple…and exactly what I was looking for. I’m trying it out.

    Any others?

  2. Dave Peckens

    Yes, send her to FeedMyInbox.com. Kathy beat me to it!

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  4. http://contentinacottage.blogspot.com/

    then click to subscribe to this blog in email

    one of my favorite blogs ….