like singers, always ready

“Thanks for the interview. But before you go, you have your guitar. You need to sing.”

That was what the host told the singer on the radio. The singer picked up her guitar, checked the tuning, said the name of the song, and started singing.

I thought, “how do singers do that? Just start singing.”

And then I thought, “Isn’t that a little arrogant, to just start singing? To just happen to have your guitar?”

I mean, to have these little pieces, all rehearsed, just waiting for someone to say, “you need to sing for us.” It just seems so, well, rehearsed. I would never do that.

I could never do that.

In that turn of the word I was convicted.

blank pageI can’t sing at the drop of a hat, but I can write. I can, on demand, give you 300 words, or 100, or a sentence. And sometimes, those words are crafted quite well.

And I suppose that I could be accused of arrogance, but I’m just doing what I love to do, what I’ve been called to do, what I’ve practiced doing over and over. And I realized that the singer was doing exactly the same thing. She was doing what she loved, what she’d been called to.

It’s not singing that I do. It’s not dancing. It’s not skateboarding or managing or staying calm or running a store. But I’m not called to those.

I gotta quit comparing my wishes to other people’s rehearsings. You do, too.

4 responses to “like singers, always ready

  1. “I gotta quit comparing my wishes to other people’s rehearsings” – that’s the crux of it isn’t it? Thanks. Me too.

  2. Nice call out here. So many are hung-up on comparing themselves with others… even when it doesn’t relate to their own aspirations.

    Fear, fear, fear of being judged.

    When really what we all want is to shine and to see other shine.

  3. Semper Paratus – Always Ready, it’s the Coast Guard’s motto.

  4. I concur with Dave and appreciate being called out.
    There’s something, a line, between being inspired by someone else…and comparing. I try to stay on the inspired side, but I can see my footsteps on the other side of the line.