and now we find out.

enoughIt’s easy to write about what we want to do.

In the last couple weeks, for example,

And now I’m in the future. I’m back in the office. People keep wanting to talk. I’m a little hungry. I think I want a snack. I know I’m supposed to be working on product, but it’s easy to get caught in spinning my wheels.

Those profound 3 words I had – “attuned, Jamaica, product” – are quickly becoming merely nice words.

That’s why I said one day last week,

“Your schedule is what you think you should do. Your life is what you did.”

It’s time to make the little choices, the small steps, the actual pieces of doing that will change lives, including mine.

So, is your first day back at work feeling effective?


6 responses to “and now we find out.

  1. I think you’re right. Setting all these goals and words and schedules is a good thing…but actually setting it in motion can be daunting. It’s all about taking little steps, one at a time.

    I re-took up yoga as one of my new year things….yoga is a great metaphor for goals…if if expected I’d be able to touch my head to my knee on day one (let alone day 4, or even day 20), I’d be sorely disappointed and probably give up. Instead, I focus on getting a little further each day…and one day, that head will hit that knee.

    Small steps….

  2. and encouragement helps.

    I’m trying to drink more water. I’ve made it more concrete than that: I’m drinking three large glasses extra a day.

    Today, without knowing, Suze mentioned the value of water and poked at my drinking of caffeine. I told her. She cheered.

    That’s what friends are for.

  3. Tyler Bryant

    Eat that elephant one bite at a time!

  4. but i don’t like elephant. Or wait. Were you referring to me?


  5. “People keep wanting to talk” – I think that might suggest you were attuned 🙂

  6. Was my 1st day back, wasn’t feeling effective. Changing that now. Putting my 3 words up on the wall.